How Do You  Turn Off Auto-Renew Or Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your iGoalCard subscription at any time, and you will continue to have access to the premium features until the subscription expires.


What Do You Get When You Upgrade Your iGoalCard Subscription?

Users that download iGoalCard app for free can enjoy most of the features of the app itself – including the goal cards from 21 different fields of life, daily reminders and personal trackers as well as a community where they can share their precisely created goal cards with other members in the community and motivate themselves to always aim higher.

And if you want to subscribe to the premium features of iGoalCard and the monthly, annual or lifetime subscription packages – you get the app in its full motion!

The premium features include a special visualization and slideshow features that allow you to meditate, record your written goal cards and add voice overs so that you easily manage your goals. In addition to this set of features, you can also create slideshows from different images that correspond to your goal cards category – and create a clear mental image of what goals lie ahead of you!



What Is iGoalCard?

iGoalCard is an app that helps people actualize their dreams and reach their goals via visualization and affirmation of goals. The app provides richly written goal cards from different fields of life. They can as well adapt any of these goal cards for daily motivation in order to keep them motivated and focused on their goals. The App contains in the premium package, a visualisation page where users can meditate on their goals, record their written goal cards and add voice overs. In addition to these features, users can also create slideshows from different images such that a clear mental image of user’s ambition is imprinted in their sub consciousness.

iGoalCard is purposefully created to ensure that people becomes discipline and focused on their goals. We believe that when people stay focus on their goals with daily motivation, they gain confidence overtime and as such the Activation of their Imagination occurs in their subconscious mind which will thereafter evolve practical plans that will aid the actions behind achieving their goal.


What’s The Best Way Of Using iGoalCard?

Start With Your Goals

1. It all begins with your goals, where you choose one goal card at a time and adapt it to your respective needs. Create a specific affirmation of goal such as: date, amount of money, time e.t.c
2. Record your goal card and ensure that is saved in the app (Feature available only with subscription).
3. Create a slideshow from the images you have selected and the ones that have meaning to you and your goal (feature available only with subscription).
4. Create a plan of actions toward achieving your goals or desires. Make sure to begin achieving it immediately, no matter what details you have put in the app itself.

Aside from goal planning, iGoalCard helps you mentally stay in track with your goals and always have them active in your sub-consciousness.

Use It – Or Lose It

1. Once you have your goal card planned, you can listen to all of your recordings, view your slideshow of pictures and stay in track with your goals. It is recommended that you do these things twice daily in order to be in line with your goals and always read, hear and view about them. That way, you will start to feel your achievements and believe in yourself while already achieving them!

The secret to success with using iGoalCard is not creating more and more goals – it is repeating the process of using the app to remind yourself of them and be persistent until these goals are achieved.

2. Track the data into your statistics each and every time you read your goal cards or hear your recordings by pressing the green icon.
3. Review your goal card regularly and adapt it if necessary. The iGoalCard app will support you with reminders and statistics to keep you focused on your goals and continually motivated.


What Should You Expect?

The best thing you can expect from iGoalCard is – motivation!

You will feel more motivated and focused on achieving your goals. Therefore, you will always want to give the best of yourself to achieve them.


How Many Goal Cards Should You Use At A Time?

We recommend that users use one goal card at a time! Therefore, start with your most important goal that appears up your scale if preference and ensure that it is achieved. Once it is achieved, other goals become easier to achieve.



How can I contact you for help or more information?

You can send us an email at support@igoalcard.com. We’re always happy to hear from our users!